CONG Prima-2M

Vympel’s premier online hygrometer, the CONG Prima-2M is an unequalled solution for a wide range of applications, including analysis of gases containing hydrogen. This analyzer features Vympel’s revolutionary laser-based, interferometric dew- point measurement cell technology and can measure both the water dew point and the hydrocarbon condensation temperature, or both alternately.

Product Features

  • Chilled-mirror, first-principle dew point measurement
  • No measurement drift
  • Measurement of the water dew point and hydrocarbon condensation temperature with one device
  • Multiple installation options:
    – Installation in a gas preparation system
    – Installation directly on the pipeline (can include filtration)
    – Installation on the pipeline with zero-emission sampling technology
  • Suitable for applications that include hydrogen
  • Dew point measurement according to ISO 6327 and ASTM D-1142
  • Self-cleaning and self-diagnostics between each measurement cycle
  • Measurement at pressures up to 160bar
  • Adaptable for sour gas mixtures
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