FAS-W for water dew point / FAS-HC for hydrocarbon condensation temperature

FAS series analyzers are a new generation of online chilled-mirror hygrometer. They feature evolved laser-based, interferometric dew-point measurement cell technology that significantly extends the measurement range up to 90 °C below the analyzer’s housing temperature. The FAS provides accurate and stable quality measurements that can be output as dew point in ° C, ° F or K and as a calculated value for the volume fraction of moisture in ppmV or mg/m3.

Product Features

  • Wide measurement temperature range from -80 °C to as high as +65 °C
  • Chilled-mirror, first-principle dew point measurement
  • No measurement drift
  • Multiple installation options:
    – Installation in a gas preparation system
    – Installation directly on the pipeline (can include filtration)
    – Installation on the pipeline with zero-emission sampling technology
  • Uniquely compact for design
  • Digital and analog data interfaces + two alarm signal channels
  • Explosion protection rating: II 2G Ex db IIC T5 Gb
  • Adaptable for sour gas mixtures
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