Hygrovision Mini

The Hygrovision mini dew point analyzer is a lightweight portable hygrometer designed for manually measuring the dew points of water and hydrocarbons in natural gas and other gaseous mixtures. This semi-automated instrument is intuitive to operate and two lighting modes, making it easy to clearly differentiate between water and hydrocarbon condensation.

Product Features

  • Chilled-mirror, first-principle dew point measurement
  • No measurement drift
  • Measurement of both the water dew point and hydrocarbon condensation temperature with one device
  • High-resolution 40 x microscope
  • Dual mode lighting of the mirror’s surface
  • Semi-automatic mirror cooling (as per ISO 6327 and ASTM D-1142)
  • Automatic mirror cleaning mode heats the mirror +55 °C between each measurement
  • Continuous battery-powered operation up to 12 hours
  • Light weight (3.8 kg)
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Additional Equipment

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