Hygrovision BL

The Hygrovision BL is a revolutionary portable high-precision chilled-mirror analyzer. Equipped with laser-based, interferometric automatic dew point registration technology, this analyzer also incorporates a 40 X microscope and dual-lighting system for high-resolution manual registration of dew point temperatures. Its robust design makes it suitable for field applications under challenging conditions. At the same time, the Hygrovision BL is also the ideal reference unit for confirming an installed analyzer’s performance. In addition, it can be set-up to provide an accuracy of ±0.25 °C for laboratory applications.

Product Features

  • Portable hygrometer with automatic and manual measurement modes
  • Chilled-mirror, first-principle dew point measurement
  • No measurement drift
  • Measurement of the water dew point and hydrocarbon condensation temperature with one device
  • Automatic & manual measurement modes
  • Operation with on-board battery or connected to the main power supply
  • Recommended as a reference instrument by metrological authorities
  • 40 X microscope / dual-lighting modes for high-resolution manual measurements
  • ATEX: II 2 G ex db ib [ib] mb IIB T5 Gb
  • IP66/67
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